Father/Son Men’s Ministry Curriculum

Masculinity is in crisis today. The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, Time, National Review, and virtually every other news source in America and England are writing about this manhood disaster. In almost every measurable way men are lagging behind women, commercials and sitcoms depict masculinity in America & England as a laughable tragedy, and according to a recent YouGov poll (The decline of the manly man) only 30 percent of men aged 18-29 describe themselves as “completely masculine” on a scale of zero to six.

Yes, masculinity is in poor shape, and it’s the next generation of men who are feeling the confusion and loss. Our boys are drifting today, trying to find a vision of masculinity upon which to anchor, and it’s on us as churches to pull together men and give our boys this anchor. We need wise, courageous fathers, grandfathers, mentors, pastors, teachers, and youth leaders to take action and lead young men into manhood. Passivity is killing us. It’s not enough to think about this subject, or even merely to preach about it; the boys in our lives desperately need the church to act.


The Wild Man’s job is to teach the young man how abundant, various, and many-sided his manhood is. The boy’s body inherits physical abilities developed by long-dead ancestors, and his mind inherits spiritual and soul powers developed centuries ago. – Robert Bly, Iron John

What’s your church doing about masculinity? How are you helping pull together men to teach boys about faithful, courageous masculinity? What are you doing to initiate the boys into manhood and show them that you see them as men?

The Wild Man fable and Wild Mountain Tribe guidebook were written to help men and boys (churches) walk this path toward masculinity together. Ask your pastor or church leaders if these resources fit with your church’s vision for helping men rescue boys from drifting away from manhood. (Click here to read about what others are saying about The Wild Man fable & Wild Mountain Tribe guidebook.)


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